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Valentines from Amherst
Soprano & Piano
8 minutes
Four settings of Emily Dickinson texts that explore the poet's fervent, passionate feelings about human relationships.
-Come slowly, Eden
-Doubt me! my dim companion!
-Nobody knows this little rose
-My river runs to thee
Twelve Chairs
Medium Voice & Piano
15 minutes
Setting of US Poet Laureate Rita Dove's 13-poem cycle about personal identity and the quest for consensus in the U.S. judicial system.  NATS Art Song Competition Honorable Mention, 2016.
-Jurors 1-12
-The Alternate
Two Teasdale Songs
Medium Voice & Piano
7 minutes
These two poem settings from Sara Teasdale's 1920 collection 'Helen of Troy' were the winning entry in the Iowa Music Teachers Association Commission Competition in 2013, and were commissioned jointly by IMTA and the National Association of Teachers of Music.
-The Wanderer
-I would live in your love
The Ivory Box is Broken
Coloratura Soprano & Piano
14 minutes
Setting of 'Memorial to D.C.', Edna St. Vincent Millay's eulogy for a college classmate who succumbed to the influenza epidemic of 1918.  NATS Art Song Competition Finalist, 2008.
-Prologue:  Epigram
-Prayer to Persephone
De Virginibus
Soprano & Piano
12 minutes
Three Hildegard von Bingen texts in Latin, written to comfort and encourage the younger nuns under her care. Commissioned by Voices of the Pearl in 2012.
-O pulchrae facies
-O nobilissima viriditas
-O dulcissime amator
Peter Quince at the Clavier
Tenor & Piano
12 minutes
A setting of Wallace Stevens' four-part narrative poem, in which Shakespeare's rustic recounts from the keyboard the cautionary tale of Susanna and the Elders from the apocryphal book of Daniel.
-Just as my fingers on these keys
-In the green water, still and warm
-Then with a noise like tambourines
-Beauty is momentary in the mind



Coloratura Soprano, Oboe & Piano
19 minutes
A through-composed setting of H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)'s Imagist epic prose poem, exploring the Orpheus myth from the perspective of its female protagonist.  Commissioned by I, The Siren in 2012.  Separate oboe part available on request.
-So, you have swept me back
-Here only flame upon flame
-Saffron from the fringe of the earth
-Fringe upon fringe of blue crocuses
-So for your arrogance
-Against the black I have more fervour
-At least I have the flowers of myself
Soprano & Handbells (C3-C7)
3 minutes
Setting of a lighthearted Sara Teasdale poem about the challenges of romantic entanglement with a musician. Commissioned by Anne Harley in 2013.
Vocalise on 'In Lauterbach hab' ich mein Strumpf verloren', in the style of Donizetti
Soprano, Musical Hound & Piano
3 minutes
Wordless novelty encore on 'Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?', designed to be performed with a dog who howls when the singer enters or exceeds the passaggio.



Three Elizabethan Songs

Medium-High Voice, Alto Saxophone, Violoncello, & Piano
A mixed-composer grouping of Elizabethan art songs, arranged for voice with alto saxophone obbligato and continuo. Separate saxophone and cello parts available on request.
-When to her lute Corinna sings (Campion)
-What then is love, sings Corydon (Ford)
-Fine knacks for ladies (Dowland)

Two Josephine Lang Songs

For Soprano, Violoncello, & Piano
Josephine Lang wrote only one song for soprano, cello and piano:  the lovely 'Traumbild', which can be found in other published collections of her Lieder.  The two arrangements in this collection were written around the existence of 'Traumbild' to create a cogent and programmable set of chamber songs.  The voice and piano lines are Lang's; the cello line is original.
-O sehntest du dich so nach mir


Confucian Proverb

SATB Choir (divisi) & Piano
Setting of a philosophical Mandarin Chinese text from the 1st-century-A.D. Book of Great Learning.  Commissioned in 2014 by the Fudan University Mixed Chorus and Chen Yu, conductor.  English translation and IPA available on request.

The Stars Looked Down

SATB Choir & Piano
Setting of the G.K. Chesterton Christmas carol text. Commissioned by the First United Church of Christ Chancel Choir in Eldora, IA, and conductor Patrick Gagnon, in 2015.

True Witness:  

A Civil Rights Cantata

SATB, SSA, Gospel, and Treble Choirs, Soprano & Baritone Soloists, & Piano
40 minutes
Settings of texts written by African-American female poets, authors and social activists:  Anna Julia Cooper, Charlotte Forten, Frances Watkins Harper, Sojourner Truth, Jane Heggard, and Myrlie Evers.  Commissioned by the Claremont College Choirs and conductor Charles Kamm in 2013, to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of Medgar Evers' assassination.  All proceeds from the sale of this work are donated to the Medgar Evers Foundation.
I.   Proclamation (Baritone, SATB)
II.  Chorale (SATB)
III. Collect (SSA)
IV. Affirmation (Gospel Choir)
V.  Entreaty (Soprano, SSA, SATB)
VI. Lament (Baritone, Treble Choir, SATB)
VII.Recitative & Memorial (Soprano, Tutti)
The following movements are easily excerptable from the entire work, and are available for separate purchase:
Collect (SSA)
Affirmation (Gospel Choir)
Lament (Baritone, Treble Choir, SATB)
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